Welp, I found my new desktop.


3 Sinons is not enough Sinons 😛


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Grrr… I don’t want to pay another $30-40 for DOA5: Last Round. I hope they don’t pull a Street Fighter IV on us. The new balances and customizations look tight, but digital only for PS3? Not good. I’m glad that the DLC carries over. I spent like $32-40 on it. The new bunny costume DLC looks neat, too.

My past experience at Anime LA 2013.


Anime Los Angeles is an annual 3-day convention that’s located at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. Like most anime cons, it pretty much includes any other fandoms (American comics, TV, movies, etc.) My friends and I went on Saturday January 5, 2013 for one day. This con is bigger than PMX, but smaller than AX. At one point, we had 19 people going as a group in a Facebook group, but it was kinda my fault. They made other plans with family/friends. 5 people went, though. I asked my friend’s grandma to sow me a Kirito costume, but there wasn’t much time. I was reppin’ Reddit here and I met a fellow Redditor, who was a voice actress in League of Legends. She says she browses the My Little Pony subreddit. I took less pics because we went to panels. My friends and I went to this boring panel that was titled “How to make anime music.” My buddy who is a producer was very disappointed. It seemed like the guy who ran the panel just copied MIDI files off of Google searches and remixed it.

I made a mistake of not buying stuff early at the exhibition hall at my first con (Pacific Media Expo). My friends made fun of me for waiting -_- I didn’t know the shops closed that early. I made sure this time to buy my anime memorabilia on time. I think this con we watched episodes 1 and 2 of Planetes. My friends and I went to the video game room and I was happy to see Playstation All-Stars being played because we played that a lot at the time, haha. At night time, my group split apart. My friend and I wandered (read: got lost) and found the Marriott hotel pool. It was awesome sitting poolside at night with the lights on and everyone in cosplay!


The rating: 4/5


13 - b5AJ8

Asuna is my moe waifu. Then this mofo decides to photobomb this pic, smh.

29 - rNi4X

The Big Bang Donut Attack?

38 - nL1Mr

This pic was cooler in person. The wall was glowing blue.

39 - OFulf

Kickin’ it poolside at the Mariott.

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I need to start playing Weiss Schwarz (CCG), omg.


A KILL LA KILL TRIAL DECK?! Sign me up! For those who don’t know, Weiss Schwarz is a Japanese collectible card game based off anime series (Angel Beats!, Log Horizon, Nisekoi, Guilty Crown, and more). I’ve got some free cards from cons like Natsu, Asuna, and Yui. It doesn’t help that I (sorta) play 4 card games (Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard, Magic, and Pokemon). Now what deck should I choose? Hmmm…



For those who play Weiss Schwarz, how is it? Do you guys play any other card games? Leave a comment below!